Better Austin Today

Working together for a Better Austin

Our Mission

To elect officials who are responsive and accountable to our community, through building a strong, diverse coalition, developing leaders and supporting candidates who share our vision for a better Austin today.  

What issues matter to you? 

  • Traffic and transportation?
  • Affordability?
  • Preserving Austin's unique character?
  • The environment?
  • Water conservation? 
  • Crime and public safety?
  • Schools?
  • Preserving Austin's heritage trees?
  • Austin's East-West divide?
  • The overall future of our city?

If these issues matter to you, let's make sure they get addressed. 

All of us have encountered a City Hall that believes that the answers come from inside -- and only from insiders. All of us have encountered a City Hall that doesn't listen to the people. 

Public input is not something to be tolerated only after important decisions have already been made. You deserve to be heard. 

At Better Austin Today, we will help elect officials who respect the ideas and desires of the community, who are committed to open, inclusive, and responsive government, and who will make decisions from the ground up, not from the top down.

Please support our work.  

It's time for a change!